Meet Shepon

As much as our houses are built to last, sometimes things go wrong and need to be repaired. We spoke to Shepon Uddin, whose dual role sees him splitting his time between the repairs hub as a repairs officer, and working as a surveyor, soon to be a chartered surveyor.

Hi Shepon, how long have you been at Midland Heart and how do you find it?

“I have been here for seven years and I have genuinely enjoyed my time here. I am incredibly passionate about our customers and I have a strong desire to help them.”

“During this time, I completed a five-year part time surveying degree. It was a long and hard road but it was definitely worth it. Shortly after qualifying, I spoke to my managers and they have helped me in getting on the job training and secure a surveying role.”

“I come into work because we make a massive difference to the customers and their lives.”

Can you tell us a bit more about your role?

“I’m a repairs officer and surveyor. As a repairs officer, I deal with customer complaints and repairs requests. I allocate jobs to contractors and schedule these repairs with the customer.

“As a surveyor, I go to homes that are in disrepair, I carry out stock conditioning surveys and draw floor plans. I look at the condition of elements within the property and help schedule planned and responsive works.”

So you cover a wide range of issues, so occasionally you must come up against some unhappy people?

“Yes we certainly do and its these customers I enjoy dealing with. Disgruntled and angry customers often lose faith in Midland Heart and feel neglected. I take pride and satisfaction in changing that.

“I’m a good listener and always give customers the opportunity to express themselves. All you need is to be nice, respectful, calm, honest and sincerely prove that you care and you’re going to do your best to help them.”

Do you think you use these customer service skills in your surveying work?

“I sometimes have to tell customers that they might not be getting what they want. I never lie or make false promises.

“In these situations, I show the customer empathy and kindly explain why we are unable to do something. Sometimes I’m able to offer an alternative solution which they really appreciate. I believe it’s often not what you say but how you say it.”

What drives you to come into work and what do you think of Midland Heart as a business?

“I love helping people! I am determined to give customers the best service and ultimately enhance and restore their faith in Midland Heart. My role gives me the chance to do this!

“I have a great respect for Midland Heart as it’s built on strong values. Values that I share and respect.”