Our values

Our approach is built around three main values:

  • People focused
  • Professional
  • Inclusive

These values sit at the core of everything we do and truly demonstrate our passion for working with, and for, communities. Expand the drop down boxes below to learn more about our values. 

  • People Focused
    • Placing customers at the centre of what we do
    • Enabling colleagues to be the best they can be, recognising the excellence and expertise of others
    • Committed to working closely with our external partners
  • Professional
    • Ensuring that what we do, we do well - understanding that we need to be a financially strong organisation to deliver great services
    • Committed to continuous improvement, taking personal accountability for actions and results
    • Acting as a positive role model for the organisation
  • Inclusive
    • Flexible, approachable and understanding
    • Valuing the diverse nature of our teams and the customers we work with
    • Ensuring feedback is always welcomed