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Sending us evidence of antisocial behaviour

When you’re asked for evidence of antisocial behaviour, it’s really important you send it to us in the timeframe that you’ve agreed to.

Usually, we’ll aim to give you three weeks to submit evidence, once it’s been reviewed, we’ll contact you to let you know if we think it’s enough to open a case. If you don’t send us any evidence then, unfortunately, we won’t be able to take any action.

How to send us evidence.

If you have evidence of noise nuisance to send us, then you can do this through the noise app. You can find a handy guide to using the noise app here.

If you’ve been asked for other kinds of evidence, it’s quick and easy to upload it. Simply fill out the form below and attach your evidence when prompted.

Once we’ve received your evidence, we’ll review what you’ve sent within three weeks and get back to you.

What if I don’t send any evidence?

If you don’t send us your evidence within three weeks, we’ll close the log; perhaps the issue was just a one-off or you’ve had an opportunity to speak to your neighbour yourself. Either way, we won’t take any further action unless you send us the evidence that we discussed.

If you change your mind and think this might be something you can talk to your neighbour about, read our handy guide to solving a disagreement with my neighbour or find out more about Restorative Justice.

What kind of evidence should I send?

When asked for evidence one of our team will discuss the kinds of things that you might collect and send to us. Its also really important that you collect any evidence safely. Types of evidence you could send include:

  • A log – times, frequencies, descriptions of actions
  • Independent witnesses – names and addresses
  • Information from other agencies – crime numbers, incident numbers, names and contact numbers
  • Photo’s / videos / CCTV or ring doorbell footage that you’ve collected safely
  • Background information

When will my evidence be reviewed?

Once you’ve called us about an incident, we’ll give you three weeks to upload any evidence. If we don’t receive anything after this time, we’ll close the log. This will only reopen if you call again and submit new evidence. After the three weeks are up one of our team will call you to discuss the evidence and whether or not we’ll be opening a case.

I’ve already got an open case but need to send something else

If you have a case open and you have more evidence to show us, you can send your evidence to your case officer. When sending evidence please make sure you include the following information in the email.

  • Name
  • Address & Postcode
  • Confirm your up-to-date contact number
  • Have you already got an open case? Yes / No 
  • If yes, please give your case reference number

I’ve already got a case open – will my case officer call back right away?

If you’ve already got a case open, you will have another meeting with your case officer planned. They’ll collate and review all the evidence you’ve submitted and discuss it with you at the next meeting you have planned.