Your tenancy

To make your tenancy a happy one, it's important to understand your tenancy agreement and any other options that may be available to you as one of our customers.

  • Your agreement

    If you need help at any time managing your tenancy or understanding your tenancy agreement, we're on hand to help.

    When you become a customer of Midland Heart, you must sign a tenancy agreement. This is a legal contract setting out your and our legal rights and responsibilities. You should keep a copy of your tenancy agreement in a safe place. 

    We will always tell you if you break the conditions of your tenancy and try to help you to keep to your tenancy conditions. However, if the problem continues, you risk losing your home as we may be forced to take legal action to end your tenancy. 

    If you have any questions relating to your tenancy agreement, you should contact us.

  • Responsibilities

    Your responsibilities
    As our customer you have certain responsibilities:
    You must:

    • Pay your rent on time and, if you have any problems, tell us immediately as we may be able to help
    • Live in your property and use it as your home
    • Treat your property and garden in a reasonable way and keep it in good condition
    • Be a good neighbour and not do anything that will disturb or annoy those living near you. Also make sure the people you live with and your visitors do not do anything to disturb or annoy
    • Report the repairs we are responsible for quickly and allow access for the work to be completed – you can check the repair responsibilities here
    • If your property is heated by gas, let our contractors into your home to service the heating system each year

    Our responsibilities 
    As your landlord, you can expect us to:

    • Set a rent which is reasonable and offers good value for money
    • Offer an effective repairs service
    • Keep your home in repair
    • Give you the chance to have your say in the way we deliver our service
    • Respect your privacy and the information held about you
    • Investigate and respond to complaints
    • Keep the outside and any shared part of the building in a reasonable state of repair
  • Joint tenancies

    If you want to share your home, we do offer joint tenancies. This means all the rights and responsibilities are equally shared and all customers are responsible for paying the rent in full, even if one of the joint tenants leaves the property.

    We understand that circumstances change, so if one person no longer wants to be a joint tenant, or you have a tenancy on your own and want to have a joint agreement, we can tell you about your options if you contact us.

  • Passing on a tenancy

    Passing on a tenancy if the tenant dies:
    We understand that dealing with the loss of anyone is difficult and there’s a lot to think about. However, we must be told about the death of any tenant as soon as possible. The tenancy may be able to be passed on to someone else. This is known as succession. Details will usually be given in your tenancy agreement. As the law of succession can be very complicated, we can guide you through the process if you contact us.

    The right of succession only applies once. So, if someone has already taken over the tenancy in these circumstances, there is no further right for another person to succeed the tenancy. However, we will consider each case sympathetically on its own merits and in line with our policy and procedures.

    If a relationship breaks down:
    Unfortunately relationships can break down. If you and your partner are in that position and you want to live separately, we will look at both your needs. If this happens, you can discuss your options with your Neighbourhood Housing Officer.

  • Lodgers and subletting
    Taking in lodgers
    Depending on your type of tenancy and whether your agreement allows it, you may be able to take in a lodger. If we do allow it, you may also need to get our written permission. Contact your Neighbourhood Housing Officer for details. Remember having a lodger may affect your entitlement to any Welfare Benefits that you may claim.

    Subletting part of your home
    You cannot sublet all of your home to someone and live elsewhere. You must live in your home and it must be your only or main home. However, depending on the type of your tenancy and whether your agreement allows, you may be allowed to sublet part of your home. In most cases, you will need to get our written permission first and keep to any conditions we make.
  • Ending your tenancy

    If you wish to leave your tenancy with us there are a few things you’ll need to do beforehand.

    This handy video will take you through the key steps and what you’ll need to do to get things moving:

    You will need to let us know in writing if you want to end your tenancy with us. 

    You can do this by completing a notice of termination form if you have an assured tenancy – usually you will have an assured tenancy if you have been living in one of our homes for 12 months or more.

    If you live in a Midland Heart scheme with a manager please speak to your scheme manager about ending your tenancy.

  • Tenancy and Allocation policies

    If you or someone you know are looking to move into a Midland Heart property you might be wondering how we allocate our properties.  To ensure that this is a fair process we developed our Allocations Policy

    We understand that some customers like to know more about the different types of tenancies we have at Midland Heart, the sort of tenancy they have and if/how this might change.  For that reason you can now download our Tenancy Policy

  • Service Standards

    We have developed a new and refreshed set of Service Standards in consultation with Midland Heart customers. These standards lay out the minimum standards of service that customers can expect from us from October 2016.

    Monitoring and reporting of performance against the Service Standards will take place through customer panels and customer feedback, contractor meetings, our Customer Annual Report, satisfaction surveys and through internal performance monitoring.

    We will review the standards again in twelve months time to ensure that they continue to reflect what is important to our customers.

    If you wish to get involved with the monitoring of our Service Standards please contact our Customer Scrutiny Team on

What to expect from your new tenancy

Renting a home from us? Find out what to expect from your tenancy agreement.