In House Maintenance 1 Resize

2021 13/12/2021

Bringing our repairs in house

Our In-House Maintenance Team (IHMT) will be taking over the repairs contract from Fortem on 3rd Aug…

Hub Team Member

2021 13/12/2021

Dates for your diary - Sep

On Wednesday 28 July and Wednesday 4 August our repairs hub will be closed so that we can deliver im…

Asb Awareness Week

2021 13/12/2021

Reviewing our ASB policy

Your feedback is very important and it will help us to understand what’s working and what we can do…

Asb Awareness Week

2021 13/12/2021

ASB awareness week

We want to make sure you know what ASB is, how you can report it and what we do to prevent and stop…

Looking After My Home Banner

2021 13/12/2021

Would you like to find out how we're performing?

We’re doing a short survey to find out what performance measures matter most to you.

Coventry Foyer

2021 13/12/2021

Supporting our refugee and asylum-seeking customers

Our Coventry Foyer scheme offers housing-related support to vulnerable young people, including refug…

Compliments Grid Layout - Estates Day May 21

2021 13/12/2021

Estate Community Event

Our Estates team and Rangers team met with our customers to find out more about the issues they were…

Volunteer Week Promotion 1

2021 13/12/2021

Volunteering at our Retirement Living Scheme

Share your time and become a volunteer to make a huge difference to people in our local communities.

Hayley B

2021 13/12/2021

My Story: Hayley Blow

When Hayley first moved in she felt lost and alone, but thanks to the support of our team, Hayley is…