Nsw 1

2021 13/12/2021

Safeguarding Adults Week

Over the week, we'll be explaining what safeguarding is and the different ways that we support vulne…

Bbc St Crispin 2

2021 13/12/2021

Reporting live from St Crispins

BBC Radio Northampton spoke to customers to find out what life was like at St Crispin Village.

BHM 21 Saltbrook Place Celebrations (1)

2021 13/12/2021

Black History Month recap

This year we were happy to be able to celebrate Black History Month in the community again.

Wiping Condesation

2021 13/12/2021

Condensation can cause damp and mould

It’s really important to control condensation in your home during the winter months.

News Banner V2

2021 13/12/2021

Thank you for attending our open day

Don't worry if you didn't make it to the open day, you can still apply for one of our trade roles.

Foyer Cookery Class

2021 13/12/2021

Residents take a Caribbean cookery class

As part of our Black History Month celebrations, residents at The Birmingham Foyer took part in a Ca…

Bushfield Court Story

2021 13/12/2021

'Outstanding' for Bushfield

We’re delighted to announce that Bushfield Court in Bilston has been awarded the ‘Outstanding’ categ…

Call Centre Smiling

2021 13/12/2021

Dates for your diary - Oct

On Friday 15th October our income phone lines will be closed. During this time you won’t be able to…

Black History Month Web Banner 1154X465 2021

2021 13/12/2021

Black History Month

We’re very excited to be able to get out and about and celebrate with some of our customers this Bla…