Hostel to home


Wellington House 2

We know how hard it is for larger families to find affordable homes that suit their needs. This is why we worked in partnership with J Tomlinson to convert an unused building into two much needed family homes.

The property based in Handsworth was previously a hostel that contained eight single occupancy rooms. The Salvation Army had previously been leasing it, but it was no longer in use.


We took the property back and decided to completely renovate the entire building. We wanted to provide a space where larger families would have the room to live comfortably. So we changed it into two, four bedroomed energy efficient homes.

We were able to complete the project during the second national lockdown in November 2020. We followed government guidelines closely to make sure that all of our contractors, staff and customers remained safe.


A fresh start

This time last year we handed two large families the keys to the newly refurbished homes. Both families we're living in overcrowded homes and desperately needed the extra space.

Alice moved into one of the homes with her five children. She explained the difference the move had made to her family.


It's great to see the positive difference that a new home can make to a family. We're committed to providing safe and affordable housing to our customers. 

If you're looking for a new home you can sign up to our lettings portal or you can swap homes with someone else by applying for a mutual exchange.