My Story: Aaron Peacock


Arron Peacock

Arron didn't have the easiest start to life and fell in with the wrong crowd whilst growing up in care. After being given a second chance to live at one of our supported Living schemes he managed to turn his life around.

This is Arron's story, in his own words...

When I was younger I lived with my nan, but when she passed away my life begin to deteriorate. I spent a lot of my childhood in care so I never really had someone to look up to which I feel was partly why I went down the wrong path for a while. 

When I was sixteen I moved into High Street South a Supported Living Scheme. I'd developed some unhealthy friendships and a few bad habits before moving in. I was drinking often and not looking after myself properly.

Encouraging staff members

I always had the mindset to improve. I knew where I wanted to go and what I wanted to achieve, but the staff gave me the motivation and skills to make it a reality. Before I knew it, I was stepping up and becoming the person I wanted to be.

The staff at High Street South supported me in many ways. They were always there to listen to my feelings as well as helping me with everyday tasks. They also encouraged me to sort out my medication, so that I could manage my ADHD better.

Making important changes

Whilst living at High Street South I completed an apprenticeship in bricklaying. The skills and experience I gained from this helped me improve my life even further. I was even able to get a CSCS card which led to more work opportunities.

I also changed my social circle. I cut out the people who were negatively influencing me and developed more positive friendships with people that I would have never interacted with before. At High Street South you have the chance to meet all kinds of people from all walks of life which was one of my favourite parts of living there.

I moved out of the scheme after living there for just under 2 years. I lived with my partner and our wonderful little girl for a while. When the relationship broke down, I decided it was in my best interest to leave the property we were sharing.

Getting a second chance

I ended up moving back into High Street South. I had got in trouble with the police on a number of occasions but once I moved back in I saw it as my opportunity to get back on track.

I knew this was my last chance, so I knocked all my negative behaviours on the head. I started going to the gym, cooking for myself and working. I even got my driving licence, passing my theory and practical tests first time. I became much healthier as well as happier.

Within just a few months I felt ready to move on again. This time I moved into my own property where I was able to provide my children with a happy and stable environment.

A new life

I’ve now been living in my own property for two years, I'm a full-time dad and my little girl, Millie, is living with me on a permanent basis. I never thought I would be where I am now. I’ve gone from giving 10% in life to giving everything 100%.

Life is not just about me, I have children that require my support and I will do everything I can to provide for them. I keep on track with all my appointments as well as my daughters. 

I'm currently in the process of completing a course in Business Management, in the future I would like to have my own business. I’m always learning new things and I love being a full-time dad.

I know if it wasn’t for the staff at High Street South I would 100% not be where I am now, I probably would have been led down the wrong path but the support I received here helped me gain direction and focus to achieve the things I really wanted to.

A word of advice

If someone was moving into High Street South the advice I would give them would be that it’s down to you to make changes. There is support there and as long as you take the first step you will be guided with the rest. It can be challenging to stay on the right path but if you really want to improve your life you’ll be able to.