ASB journey review


Tenancy services July 2021

We want to provide you with a first class service, so it’s important that we regularly review our customers experiences. We believe that the best way to do this is to listen to your feedback.

Customer Scrutiny Panel

Our Customer Scrutiny Panel (CSP) is made up of involved customers that have joined My Voice. The panel take an in-depth look at one area of our business over a 3 month period. They then give us a detailed report of what we’re doing well and recommend ways for us to improve.

The CSP recently worked on a project looking into the question ‘How effective are we with tracking the customers journey with ASB?’

What was involved in the project?

Firstly, the panel interviewed our Tenancy Services Team to fully understand our ASB process. They analysed an ASB benchmarking project that we carried out last year and looked at the analytics from the ASB page on our website to see how often it was viewed.

The panelists were given access to customer journey reviews to see how we recorded our conversations with customers. They also took an in depth look into our internal satisfaction data and the feedback we received from customers that took part in a bespoke survey.

What did they find?

  • In 100% of the cases reviewed customers were given a dedicated officer to support them and oversee the case.
  • Customers are given clear action plans with realistic timescales, to support them through their ASB case and our response times for higher risk cases align with customer expectations.
  • Our ASB customer satisfaction levels are the highest they’ve been in the past 5 years.

How we can improve

  • The panel noted that we did not always make it clear what our customers responsibilities were in regards to logging evidence of ASB and more work needs to be done to improve the two-way communication between us and customers who have reported ASB.
  • We get a high number of calls from customers asking for updates on their ASB cases. The manual transfer of notes is time consuming and leaves customers waiting for updates.
  • Our response times are not made clear through our Service Standards and low risk cases don’t align with customer expectations

The recommendations

  • The CSP suggested that we increase proactive communication to manage customer expectations and make their responsibilities clearer.
  • They noted that the changes we made to our new customer website had given customers more ways to access information about ASB. They told us that we need to promote this more and help customers to understand the benefits of it.
  • They recommended that we publish clear standardised timescales and journey maps for common types ASB to show how and when customers can expect contact from us.

Next steps:

Our Customer Scrutiny Team will work with our Housing Management Team to create a detailed action plan to make the recommended changes. The My Impact group will then monitor the progress and impact of this.

Find out more

You can visit our ASB page to find out what we class as ASB, read our ASB policy and report it to us. You can also find out about the other services we offer to help you resolve issues with your neighbours such as Restorative Justice.

If you’d like to find out about My Voice and joining one of our groups click here.