Disruption and damage caused by Storm Freya

Following the recent windy weather, we are receiving a high volume of calls.

We are are aware of a number of roofing repairs that we are actioning; due to the amount of damage caused by Storm Freya we are only making these roofs safe in the short term. A programme of repairs will then be carried over the coming weeks.

If roof tiles or slates have blown off and caused any damage, you can write into us detailing the incident or you can email us at  contact@midlandheart.org.uk

A number of customers have advised that fences have been blown down in the high winds, if this fence is in a garden that only you and your family use, you will be responsible for repairing this fencing. If the fence is in a communal garden, please report it to contact@midlandheart.org.uk 

If you have reported a fallen tree in a communal garden to us, you only need to call us once about this. If we need any more details from you about the tree, we will be in touch. We have a programme of visits to all of the trees reported to us and we will carry out these visits over the coming days. We will then do the work necessary to make the tree safe.

For other, non-emergency repairs which we don’t mentioned above, you can read more on how to report those here; http://www.midlandheart.org.uk/my-home/repairs/

24th February 2017 | 2017