Housing First project launches in Stafford

An innovative project that places homeless people into permanent accommodation and then provides a programme of support to help them to get their life back on track is about to launch in Stafford.

Commissioned by Stafford Borough Council, the Housing First project, worth £42,000, will be delivered by Midland Heart over the next two years.

Launching on 1st August at Eagle House, Stafford the project will support up to eight people at any one time into permanent accommodation where underlying issues contributing to their homelessness can then addressed.

David Cockcroft, Operations Manager of Supported Living at Midland Heart said: “At the core of the Housing First model is the principle that by securing stable accommodation, complex needs can be addressed in a more structured and sustainable way.

“We will work with customers to understand their needs and develop a tailored programme of support. This will help to address and overcome the issues that led to their homelessness and enable them to live independently.

“This project will help support some of Stafford’s most vulnerable rough sleepers and give them the opportunity they need to get back on their feet.”

According to charity Homeless Link, 33% of people in accommodation projects have complex needs and need additional support. The Housing First project will provide individual support for people with complex needs by working in partnership with local agencies such as the health service, mental health and substance misuse service and the Police.

Councillor Jeremy Pert, Cabinet Member for Communities, said: “We were very pleased to have secured this money which is providing a new initiative to help some of the most vulnerable in our community to have, and more importantly keep, a roof over their head.

“It is the support offered by ‘Housing First’ that helps people turn their lives around and prevents those who are vulnerable and have specific needs from requiring the support of the acute services – for example A&E. This benefits not only them, but the wider community.”

28th July 2017 | 2017