Children take on heavyweight Jeff

It took five children to get to grips with a friendly but heavyweight Burmese python named Jeff, during an exclusive visit to a local reptile shop.

The children from Shoemaker Court at Rushden got up close with a host of exotic creatures they would not normally encounter in Northamptonshire.  

Claire Allen, night support worker at Shoemaker, said: “The children were fearless and took handling the animals in their stride, taking turns in holding and touching skinks, snakes, frogs, chameleons, a tortoise and a tarantula, which I got roped into holding as well.

“Everyone’s favourite though was Jeff, a puppy-tame Burmese python which took five of them to hold up!”

The children and their families were offered a free, private visit to the House of Venom and a chance to hold a range of creatures as part of activities organised by Shoemaker Court.  

“Everyone who took part had a fantastic time and will remember this experience for years to come,” added Claire.

15th May 2018 | 2018