Do your electrical items and furnishings meet the British Safety Standard?

It is easy to buy electrical items and furniture cheaply, but do they meet the British Safety Standard?

All electrical items and soft furnishings should contain the British Safety Standard sign which proves that they do not pose a fire risk.

Soft furnishings such as armchairs, sofas and mattresses should also have the British Safety Standard sign on them which proves that they meet the fire resistant standards.

Don’t take this tag off as buyers may be looking for this if you ever sell your furniture.

Always check that your electrical appliances have this sign on them and if they do not, sign stop using the appliance immediately and contact the manufacturer or supplier.

Regularly check your electrical items for signs of damage and stop using if you can see:

  • Damage to the lead including fraying, cuts or heavy scuffing from floor box covers
  • Damage to the plug pins or its cover
  • Damage to the outer cover of the item itself, including loose parts or screws
  • The coloured wires where the lead joins the plug
  • Signs of overheating, such as burn marks or staining on the plug, lead or the item itself

Products can also be registered here to check whether they pose a risk. You will also be able to see if the supplier has recalled items that potentially pose a risk.

If you have items which do not show these signs, contact the supplier to ensure it’s safe to have in your home.  

Click here to read more about fire safety in your home.

7th March 2018 | 2018