Keeping our community clean

On Saturday 9 June, our Rangers and Place team joined Moseley Litter Busters, local councillors, Accord and local residents for a spring clean in Moseley. 

A fly tipping and littering hotspot, Queenswood Road - which 12 of our properties back on to – was given some TLC and a lorry full of bags and bulky waste was cleared from the area. Birmingham City Council collected some of the larger items during the week but there was still plenty to clear when the team arrived. 

Before                                                    After

Sue Sargent, Place Officer, said: “It was a very successful clean up with a large turnout from local residents including some Midland Heart customers. I was supported by a great team of Rangers and some had even travelled from Stoke on Trent to help! Everyone was in good spirits and got stuck in straight away. 

“Overall, it was a great combined effort by residents, the Council, Midland Heart, Accord, Moseley Litter Busters and Councillors Izzy Knowles and Martin Straker. It has certainly helped to build strong community relationships for the future.”  

A big thank you to everyone who helped on the day!


13th June 2018 | 2018