Midland Heart takes Time to Talk

At Midland Heart, we know that it benefits everyone to talk about mental health. That’s why we celebrated Time to Talk Day on Thursday 1 February.

At Bath Row, our Engagement and Wellbeing team had a range of information and resources available to support colleagues and get them talking about mental health. The event sparked some interesting discussions and many took away conversation tools to encourage their colleagues to get talking! 

As well as this, our Customer Hub dedicated their monthly core brief to the topic of wellbeing. They covered a variety of topics and each group was given a bowl of conversation starters to help spread the message that anywhere can be the right place to talk about mental health - including at work. 

Chess Dudman, senior housing management assistant and mental health champion, said: “Midland Heart’s involvement in Time to Talk Day is really important in encouraging everyone to feel comfortable in having conversations about mental health – especially as we work in some incredibly challenging situations that impact on both our staff and our customers’ mental and emotional wellbeing. The range of activities for this year’s event throughout the business has been fantastic; as the organisation’s mental health champion, it has certainly inspired me to support others and ensure the conversations will continue.” 

Residents at our supported living scheme, Saltbrook Place in Dudley, were also encouraged to have conversations with each other around the topic of mental health. Staff at the scheme cooked a curry for residents so that they could all enjoy a meal together and have a chat. 

If you or someone you know is experiencing mental health issues, visit www.time-to-change.org.uk for more information and resources.

9th February 2018 | 2018