Plastic Fantastic helps make community a better place


To mark World Environment Day, our partners, Fortem, came up with a great idea to litter pick in a nominated Midland Heart Community.

Gary Dulson, Operations Manager, welcomed the idea and was keen for Midland Heart to join forces to support the good cause.

The Howat Road area in Coventry had a lot of fly tipping at the communal bins so the team saw the chance to help get the area tidy again for our customers and prevent the mess from having a detrimental effect on the neighbourhood.

A team from across the business collaborated with Fortem and were involved in the litter pick.

Our staff told us about their day:

Administrator Carly Louise Winch said: “I really enjoyed going litter picking and helping to clean up and making the community a nice place for our tenants to be living. I think it should be a quarterly event where we get the tenants involved too and hopefully they will start to take pride in the community they live in.”

Administrator Sophie Allcock said: “In the short space of time we were there, everyone involved put a lot of effort in. The common goal of ‘making it better’ meant that it didn’t matter what position anyone held within the company we all worked together to get the job done.

“It was shocking to see the amount of rubbish we had collected and what sorts of things people throw away without any regard for the effect it has on their neighbourhood as well as the environment as a whole. Personally, I will never just drop a cigarette end into the gutter ever again!”

Finally, Senior Administrator Irene Wanjiru said: “Overall, it was a great team effort and enjoyable at the same time!”

Great work from the team in taking pride in our communities and ensuring that our customers have a nicer environment to live in.

9th August 2018 | 2018