Ready-made happiness with a ready-made home

A family of five who live in one of our innovative “modular” houses are so in love with their home that they’ve been talking to the BBC about it.

Modular houses combine a steel frame with traditional building materials to create a ready-made house that’s built in a factory in sections then assembled on site using a huge crane.

Used on the right site, the modular approach can drastically reduce build times and make it possible to put homes on land that might be too tight to get construction equipment onto.

Two years since the launch of Modular Mews (pictured) – our pioneering development of four modular homes in Coventry – another housing provider is trying this approach, and our customer Taiwo Ayorinde was contacted by BBC Coventry & Warwickshire radio to find out what it’s really like to live in a ready-made home.

“We’re very happy with the house”, Taiwo, who lives at Modular Mews with her partner and three children, told reporter Rory McAllister live on the station’s breakfast show.

“The house is big, the rooms are big, and structurally we don’t have any problems. We’ve been here for two years plus and we don’t have any complaints at all!”

Taiwo added that the house is extremely energy efficient and eco-friendly, and since moving in the family’s energy bills have reduced by around £30 per month.

While modular homes are a fairly new concept in housebuilding, other industries such as education and leisure have been making buildings off-site for many years. All modular homes are assessed to exactly the same quality and safety standards as a more “traditional” new-build house.

Chris Miller, Midland Heart’s director of development, said: “Taiwo and her family live in a unique and pioneering house, and we’re really pleased that they’re happy with it.

“We know there is a need for more high quality family homes across the Midlands, and we’re committed to looking at all the options – no matter how innovative – to provide over 3,000 homes for families like the Ayorindes in the Midlands over the next five years.”

You can see exactly how the homes at Modular Mews were delivered into place by watching this video.

And listen to Taiwo’s interview here (starts at 2.05.45).

17th May 2019 | 2019