A day in the life - Bal Kang

The following appeared in 24 Housing magazine, giving an insight into Director of HR, Bal Kang's usual working day.

undefined5.50am Gym Bunny Alarm goes off; I’m usually awake a few minutes beforehand.  It’s a quick wash, make sure I’ve got all of my work, gym and lunch bags and head off to the gym.  I usually get to there as it opens at 6.30; I do an hour’s session then get ready for work from there.

8.30am Time for a Cuppa First thing I do after I’ve switched my computer on is to make a cup of tea. I’m not one for breakfast.  I catch up with the team then have a quick scan through emails – deal with anything urgent.

9.00am Its Good to Talk Most of my day is filled with a mixture of internal and external meetings; today I’m meeting with my Resourcing BP and the Comms team to discuss how we position ourselves as an employer and a great place to work!

9.30am A Quick Update We all grab 10 minutes as a team to update each other on anything significant or that we want others to know about.

undefined10.00am Taking Care Time with some of my team to talk about the transfer of some of our extra care schemes and several hundred staff back into direct management. It is imperative that we know where we are and that everyone is in the loop.

11.00am On the Launch Pad Next, I’m attending the launch of our back office automation project – All of the HR department will attend so that everyone understands the project, and how we will become more lean and efficient through the automation of some HR processes. A great chance for the team to ask questions and share feedback.

1.00pm Share and Share Alike I regularly meet with a group of senior HR leaders from a number of local RPs including Walsall Housing Group, Bromford, Sanctuary, WM Housing, Accord and Orbit.  We share best practice and it is a great opportunity for us to check our approach to key people issues.

undefined4.30pm Pottery Time It will take me about an hour to drive home in rush hour traffic.  At home, my son is usually around and it’s time to make dinner and potter about doing house jobs.

7.00pm Family Focus We always eat our evening meal together – it’s the one time in a busy day when we all get to just focus on each other. After tidying up, I’ll watch a bit of TV then bed before it all starts again!

Perfect day

My perfect day starts with the gym – I’m so used to morning exercise that I can’t imagine a day without it. I’d go on a shopping trip with my sister (I’m a terrible shopaholic). My eldest son would be home from Cardiff University and then I’d spend the evening with my husband and my sons having great food and wine at my favourite restaurant – the Waterside Inn in Bray, Berkshire.

1st March 2018 | 2018 | Press Releases