Residents are welcomed to Ashton Green's first new affordable homes

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The first residents are moving into their new affordable homes at Glebelands Park in Ashton Green, Leicester.

They include the Ghani family, who are moving from a one-bed flat they rent privately to a brand new two-bedroom house with garden.   

The 30 affordable rent properties from Midland Heart and developer Morris Homes are part of an ambitious project to create a mixed-use sustainable community of up to 3,000 much-needed new homes, along with community and health facilities, employment land and retail.

“Our old flat is nice but it’s not really suitable for a family as it’s on the second floor. Here, we will have space and a safe garden for our one-year-old daughter Shanaya to play – and she can have her own bedroom,” said Rubeena Ghani.  

She and husband Faisal recently suffered a tragic loss and view their move to Ashton Green as a fresh start for their family.

New neighbours Jamie Hanson and partner Cody-Marie Coultous are delighted to be leaving the one-bedroomed council flat they share with their son Dylon, four and one-year-old Ivy-Jane.

10671 46 Hansoncoultous Reszd“We’ve been waiting two years for a house and we’re excited to be moving at last,” said Cody-Marie. “Space has been a headache in the flat; we have to pack away one lot of stuff, like the baby’s things, so we can get out something else.”

Jamie added: “Compared to the flat, the house seems like a palace. I’m also looking forward to having a garden again. I’ve been doing my gran’s for the past two years and it will be great to have our own. There’s a lawn to mow and even a shed!”

The affordable rent development is a partnership between Midland Heart, Morris Homes and Leicester City Council.  Morris Homes, which is building an additional 70 houses for sale on the 6.4 acre site, is the first home builder to build at Ashton Green.

Chris Miller, Director of Development at Midland Heart, said: “Ashton Green is part of Midland Heart’s ongoing commitment to build hundreds of high quality homes every year across the Midlands in places where people want to live and at prices they can afford.

“We are delighted that our first tenants have now moved into their new homes and look forward to seeing how the exciting Ashton Green project takes shape in coming years.”

Dominic Harman, Regional Managing Director for Morris Homes said “We have been overwhelmed by the interest in Glebelands Park at Ashton Green. We forged an ongoing relationship with Midland Heart very early on at the commencement and we are now delighted to see our customers move into their new homes.

“Leicester City Council has been an excellent partner to work with as they assisted with bringing forward infrastructure which enabled Morris to start earlier on this development than originally planned. We are really proud to have been the first developer to provide new homes and help to create this new and growing community at Ashton Green”

City Mayor Peter Soulsby said: “Morris Homes was the first housing developer to commit to building at Ashton Green and I am delighted that people are now moving into these much-needed new homes.

“It’s a major milestone in our ambitious vision for the sustainable development of Ashton Green, and an important step towards delivering on our plans for up to 3,000 much-needed new homes in this area.

“Along with substantial investment the council has made in new infrastructure and employment land, the commitment shown by Morris Homes has already helped build confidence and attract further investment to bring forward the exciting development opportunities at Ashton Green.”

The city council has already invested nearly £2million in highway infrastructure improvements to support the building of new homes.

The council is now set to receive £10million from the Government’s Housing Infrastructure Fund for further highway transport improvements that will help unlock further development in the area over the next two to three years.

23rd October 2018 | 2018 | Press Releases