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  • Building a safer future for all tenants

    We've responded to the government's consultation "Building a Safer Future", which talks about how to make building safety consistent and effective - no matter where you live or what type of tenancy you have.

    Added on 19th July 2019 |

  • How can we tackle homelessness, together?

    Here you can read our response to the Government's consultation "Tackling Homelessness Together" and what we think are the most important changes that would help reduce the growing problem of homelessness.

    Added on 14th June 2019 |

  • What makes a "Great Place"?

    Quality homes and giving tenants their say are important ingredients for a strong community, we told the National Housing Federation in our response to their "Great Places" report.

    Added on 11th May 2019 |

  • New approach needed to assessing housing need

    We need a more astute method of assessing need that supports our ambition and properly meets the needs of the diverse communities and economies across the UK - read our full response to the technical planning consultation here.

    Added on 11th March 2019 |

  • Our customers feedback to government

    Read how more than 100 of our customers have helped us shape our response to the Government’s Social Housing Green Paper proposals on involving, engaging and empowering social housing residents.

    Added on 17th January 2019 |

  • Overcoming barriers to longer-term tenancies

    We have recently responded to a government consultation supporting calls to provide longer term tenancies in the private sector as we believe this offers tenants more security and understand the role longer tenancies play in creating genuinely balanced communities.

    Added on 27th November 2018 |

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