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  • Greener homes for the future?

    We support the Government's plans to make house-building greener in the future, but we also don't want the costs passed on to our customers. Read our response to the Future Homes Standard consultation.

    Added on 9th February 2020 |

  • Our manifesto for housing

    Take a look at the manifesto we've produced, advising the next Government what we think should be their main priorities for affordable housing.

    Added on 18th November 2019 |

  • Let’s make a new deal for renting

    The Government has asked landlords about its proposed changes to their relationship with their tenants. Find out our thoughts about the changes and read our full response to the consultation.

    Added on 12th October 2019 |

  • Building a safer future for all tenants

    We've responded to the government's consultation "Building a Safer Future", which talks about how to make building safety consistent and effective - no matter where you live or what type of tenancy you have.

    Added on 19th July 2019 |

  • How can we tackle homelessness, together?

    Here you can read our response to the Government's consultation "Tackling Homelessness Together" and what we think are the most important changes that would help reduce the growing problem of homelessness.

    Added on 14th June 2019 |

  • What makes a "Great Place"?

    Quality homes and giving tenants their say are important ingredients for a strong community, we told the National Housing Federation in our response to their "Great Places" report.

    Added on 11th May 2019 |

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