Requesting a tenancy reference

If you're moving from a Midland Heart property to other rented accommodation your new landlord may require a tenancy reference from Midland Heart.  We are happy to provide these and send a standard reference to you to give to your new landlord. 

We will also provide our standard reference to landlords or housing associations directly if they request this.  In order to provide it directly to a landlord they will need to ask the customer in question to complete a consent form to show they are happy for their information to be shared.

Midland Heart send a standard reference detailing:

  • The length and dates of the tenancy
  • If the tenant has any debt, the level of debt
  • If there have been any proven tenancy breaches for ASB or if there are any current investigations
  • If there is any history of issues with the condition of the property and if the tenant had caused any damage to the property

To request a reference simply fill out the form below.

If you are requesting a reference about a Midland Heart customer you will need their consent. Please upload a completed copy of the reference consent form.

By submitting this form you understand that completing it falsely is fraud and action may be taken against you.

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