BHM: Retirement Living Cook off


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Six chefs from some of our Retirement Living Schemes took part in a ‘cook off’ to celebrate Black History Month yesterday.

Each chef was tasked with coming up with a tasty meal to show off their culinary skills. They then had to present their dish to the judging panel which was made up of residents from Broadmeadow and staff members from across Midland Heart. Residents who weren’t a part of the panel were at the edge of their seats as they watched the competition unfold from their dining area. 

Celebrating diversity

Our chefs are used to cooking a range of cuisines for residents but they don't often get the change to do it together. The event gave them the chance to compare tips and techniques with each other.

‘To compete against each other is fantastic but for me the biggest happiness is to bring all the chefs together and learn from each other. As well as learn from each other in terms of our cooking we get the opportunity to appreciate, recognise, acknowledge, respect and celebrate other cultures.  - Susan

Dishes from around the world

Watch this short video to find out a little more about the competing chefs and the reasoning behind their meal choices.

And the winner is…

Our panel had a very difficult job picking a winner but the coveted cook off trophy went to Leroy who cooked curried chicken with rice and peas and fried sweet potatoes. Leroy was visibly moved as he was handed the trophy and explained why it meant so much to him.

 “ I have worked for Midland Heart and this is up there with one of my greatest achievements. I put so much effort into bringing smiles to everyone’s face with the food I make and to be recognised as the winner today means a lot to me. Black History month is a special month for me but its not about just about this month, every month of every day it’s important to live life with a smile and celebrate everyone together. Even though I took the trophy today, I just want to give a massive thank you to my line manager Julie McKay who has been so supportive in the last few years’.