National Scrutiny Week

Scrutiny Team TPAS Involved Tenants 02/10/2023

Scrutiny Week

National Scrutiny Week highlights the importance of tenant-led scrutiny in our sector. We’re joining in and encouraging you to have your say and get involved in our tenant groups!

National Scrutiny Week is run by TPAS (Tenant Participation Advisory Service) who are the leading organisation for tenant scrutiny.

We’re a member of TPAS which means, as our tenant, you get access to all of their online courses, events, seminars and more! You can find out how to make the most of what TPAS has to offer here.

Why is tenant-led scrutiny important?

Tenant-led scrutiny makes sure that we’re doing our best as a landlord and giving you what you need. It’s a chance for you to monitor our performance and processes, and give us feedback on where we might need to improve.

Our tenants are our top priority, so it’s vital for us that we have you involved in every part of the organisation and get your input.

How can I get involved in tenant scrutiny?

To make sure our tenants are as involved and as engaged as possible, we run a customer involvement programme called My Voice – and we have lots of ways for you to get involved!

We have our Estates Champions who keep an eye on their surrounding area and let us know when there might be repairs needed, if grounds maintenance isn’t being completed to a good standard, when fly-tipping occurs and a whole host of other things. It’s a great way to feel like part of the community!

Our Customer Scrutiny Panel meet 4 or 5 times a year and take an in-depth look into a particular area of the business. It’s a great way to get stuck in to one project and really give your feedback for change.

You can also get involved in our regular customer meetings. We meet to discuss various areas of the business, whether it’s communications, energy efficiency, rent increases etc, and you get the chance to give us your honest opinions. This really helps us to take onboard your feedback before information goes out to all our tenants.

Keep an eye out for more articles about our involved customers and Customer Scrutiny Team later this week!