Despite our best efforts, from time to time we might not meet the standards that we set ourselves. In these cases you may want to make a formal complaint. Our complaint policy can be found here

What can you complain about?

  • If we have not met a published Service Standard or have not taken action within agreed timescales
  • We have not acted in line with our policies and procedures to a customer request
  • If there has been poor conduct by Midland Heart staff, agents or contractors

If your complaint does not fall within these categories you can still get in touch and provide feedback via our comments section.

If you have a complaint about the behaviour of one of your neighbours this may be classed as anti social behaviour (ASB). We have developed different processes to help you with these issues and you can visit our dedicated ASB section to find out more.

  • First stage resolution

    The department where the service failure happened will acknowledge your complaint and will aim to provide an immediate solution. However, depending on the nature of the complaint an immediate response may not be possible. If we need to investigate, it will be logged as a formal complaint and dealt with under the “Investigation” stage of our process.

    To get in touch with us please submit a form, or visit our contact us page.

    Complaints can be received on your behalf through other agencies e.g. advocates or support agencies. In these cases we will need written consent from you to discuss the complaint with your representative in line with Data Protection.


  • Formal Investigation

    Please let us know if you are not happy with the First Stage Resolution. We will investigate your complaint if:

    • Actions agreed at the First Stage resolution haven't been delivered or happened within agreed timescales
    • We haven't responded to all aspects of your original complaint
    • We haven't followed our complaints process
    • The complaint is potentially serious, high risk or high profile


    If we need to investigate we aim to respond within 10 working days. However, depending on the nature of the complaint it may take longer, if this is the case we will contact you and agree a timeline.

  • Formal review

    Please let us know if you are not happy with the outcome of the investigation. Your complaint will then be escalated if we find that:

    • There's evidence that our complaints process has not been followed



    • There are elements of the complaint that have not been addressed


    If your complaint cannot be escalated and you remain dissatisfied with the final response you have the right to seek External Review (see next section).

    In a Formal Review your complaint will be passed to the appropriate senior manager. They will review how the complaint was handled, that our policies and procedures were followed and how it impacted on you. If any failures are found with the way the complaint was investigated or dealt with, it will be reinvestigated by the senior manager, who will give the final response. 

    The outcome of the Formal Review will be signed off by a customer or representative panel before it's completed. Our aim is to provide a final decision within 20 working days. However, depending on the nature of the complaint it may take longer, if this is the case we will contact you and agree a timeline.

  • External review

    If the complaint cannot be escalated to Formal Review you will be advised that you have the right to seek External Review.

    If you want an External Review there are a variety of channels you can use. These include, but are not limited to -

    • Your MP
    • Councillor
    • Housing Ombudsman
    • Local Government Ombudsman
    • Financial Services Ombudsman
    • Local Authority
    • Supporting People or the Care Quality Commission


    We will co-operate fully with any investigation by the Ombudsman and comply fully with the resulting final decision. 


Independent Housing Ombudsman Complaints Midland Heart

The Independent Housing Ombudsman (IHO), of which we are a member, have published a new Complaints Handling Code that sets out good practices that will allow landlords to respond to complaints effectively and fairly.

The Housing Ombudsman expects Landlords to carry out regular self-assessment against this Code and take appropriate action to ensure their complaint handling is in line with the Code.

Download our self assessment

Why do we collect personal data of individuals?

This form is for customers and service users to make a complaint about our service. We'll use the information to support with the complaint

If you are a legal representative and would like to make a public liability claim against Midland Heart through the Ministry of Justices portal you will find details of our insurers below:

Policy Number: JHA-22S521-0013
Insurer: Zurich Municipal
Portal ID: C00108
Policy Holder: Midland Heart Ltd