• Reporting a Repair

Reporting a repair?

Before you report your repair, have you had a look at the repair responsibility tool to explore the repairs around your home and understand who is responsible for what. You can also read our fact sheets to find out about your responsibilities inside and outside the home and in regards to gas and heating systems.

Or you can watch the video below that explains repairs you are responsible for and those that we will carry out.

If you still need a repair complete this form with full details.

This is for non-emergency repairs only. You should report any emergency repairs immediately on 0345 60 20 540.

An emergency repair is anything which represents an immediate threat to the health and safety or security of our customers within a property. For instance: an external door which will not lock; an uncontainable water leak; a gas leak or the smell of gas; no power or exposed electrical wires, or when water comes into contact with sockets or wiring.

If you think you can smell gas you can also immediately telephone 0800 111 999 – but we can do this for you if you telephone us first. If you can see or smell smoke, immediately telephone 999 or 112 before telephoning us.

When arriving at your home to carry out your repair, all of our staff and contractors should show you photo identification. If for any reason this doesn’t happen you should ask to see it and if you have any concerns please always check with us first by giving us a call.

We are committed to providing a high quality maintenance programme for our customers. Read more on Repairs and Improvements