Top Tips

Below is a checklist that covers the most common problems we get asked about. Please have a read as they might save you time and help you avoid problems.

  • If you have a pre-payment meter for gas and electricity –do you have credit on the meter?
  • Is the main electric supply point switched on? Check the fuse in the device and replace with 3 amp fuse if required
  • Are all lights working? If they are not, there could be a service interruption. Check with your neighbours.
  • Is the pilot light on if you have one? If not, attempt to relight this using instructions on the boiler.
  • Has the thermostat or thermostatic radiator valve been turned down?
  • Has the timer been altered ready for the seasonal change?
  • Is there an error code visible on the boiler? If yes, make a note of it.
  • If there has been a recent freeze or snow, check the boiler flue outlet for blockage, and plastic ‘condense pipe’ outside to see if it could be frozen.
  • Is your gas cooker working? If not, this could identify a problem with the gas supply to your home.

If you've tried our tips and still have a problem, please take a look at our Repair Responsibility Tool. If it is a problem that Midland Heart have responsibility for, please contact us to report it.

Things to tell us when you call:

  • Have you identified any problems when carrying out the above checklist?
  • Do you have any form of secondary heating?
  • Do you have an immersion heater?
  • Are there frail and vulnerable occupants in the home such as young or elderly?