Building a safer future for all tenants

The government’s Building a Safer Future consultation is all about updating the rules on building safety across the whole housing sector, from large housing associations to private landlords.

Safety is quite rightly at the top of the agenda after the terrible events at Grenfell Tower. We support the idea of reforming the system and have sent a formal response to the consultation.

We agree with the government that there should be a new regulator to ensure landlords and builders follow the rules, and we think companies like us should pay for it, but we must be careful that the cost doesn’t affect how many new homes we can afford to build.

We’ve also told the government we’d like to see landlords given the right to enter a tenant’s home if there’s a safety problem and they’re refusing to let us in. We put a lot of work into making communal areas safe, so if something inside one home is putting all the neighbours at risk, we need to be able to go in and fix it.

You can read our full response here (five pages).

Or read all the government's proposals here.

19th July 2019 | 2019