Midland Heart have teamed up with rostrvm for Housing to come up with a proactive solution to address the impact of Universal Credit by increasing customer contact, helping support customers to sustain their tenancies whilst improving rent collection rates and reducing arrears by engaging with customers as early as possible when issues arise.

By working together, the two organisations have developed a bespoke telephone dialler system that increases contact with customers at the point their agreed arrangement becomes overdue, through proactive automated dialling, connecting customers to officers and using text messages intelligently to nudge customers into making payments.

The system contacts customers as soon as a scheduled payment is missed. This early intervention means that we can better support our customers to address the reason for the arrears and also signpost them to further support if required.

The outbound dialler system provides an innovative and unique approach to supporting customers and meeting their needs. This approach looks outside of the housing sector and the traditional methods of communication and takes a modern, considered and efficient approach to customer communication and managing rent arrears.